Update - October 2021

Shetland Renewable Energy Forum
Shetland Net Zero Energy Forum

Contact info@shetlandnetzero.com for more information.

Does your organisation want to lead and influence the development of an emerging economic sector in Shetland? Do you want to shape policy and engage with decision makers and industry experts? Would your organisation like to promote a collective voice on some of the most important issues we face as a community?

In 2020 Scotland generated the equivalent of 97.4% of its electricity demand from renewable energy sources.

The UK Government target is all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. The Scottish Government target is to become a net-zero society by 2045. Shetland has been at the heart of the traditional energy industry for more than half a century and has some of the richest renewable energy resources in Europe. The coming energy transformation will bring jobs and new custom for local businesses. It will encourage investment in local habitat management and conservation. It is a chance to tackle fuel poverty and reduce Shetland’s dependency on imported fossil fuels. We can start decarbonising Shetland’s economy and make a serious contribution to national and international targets.

We can support a greener, fairer recovery from the global pandemic.

Shetland Net Zero Energy Forum

The Aim of the Forum is to “Represent, lead and champion Shetland’s energy sector to become a world-leader in the transition to Net Zero, while maximising the social, economic and community benefits for Shetland.”

The objectives of the Forum are:

  • To be the collective voice supporting the mission of the Forum and representing members;
  • To promote the development of net zero energy projects, establishing connections with wider networks, that establish Shetland as a strategic location for Net Zero activity;
  • To support the development and availability of training in Shetland to ensure the necessary skills, technology and expertise exist to allow members to benefit from the Net Zero economy;
  • To engage in and promote research and development and policies that further the Aim of the Forum; and,
  • To create and review opportunities for members to meet, learn, collaborate and share ideas.

Membership of the Forum is open to any business or organisation based in Shetland with an involvement or interest in the energy transition to Net Zero. We also offer associate membership to any businesses and organisations based outwith Shetland who have a similar interest.

Please contact info@shetlandnetzero.com for more information.