The Pure Energy Centre (PEC) is established globally as an engineering company in the field of renewables, hydrogen production and refuelling stations as well as in oxygen, nitrogen and fuel cell technologies.

PEC are uniquely placed to develop and deliver hydrogen systems and in particular the integration of renewable energy sources with hydrogen generation, having designed, built and operated similar systems for over 20 years. PEC also offers comprehensive advice, expertise and technical know-how in the development of renewable projects including hydrogen systems.

PEC have a unique, highly skilled workforce that are spread around the globe. PEC has, since its inception, been instrumental in the development of the H2 energy industry. The PEC also has an enviable worldwide reputation for the development and deployment of renewable H2 systems and is one of the few companies to have installed systems nationally, regionally and globally.

PEC has close links with key industry sectors and are currently one of the only mature businesses that has built up a vast experience within the complete supply chain of H2 projects worldwide (from H2 production to dispensing, H2 vehicle, fuel cell, CHP, heating and training)

The PEC also provides power-to-gas solutions and is certified to develop renewable projects to produce green hydrogen. The PEC design, integrate and install fuel cell systems.

Operating Hours
Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm